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Valentin Fels Camilleri is a french Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and Mixed Martial Artist enthusiast. Valentin is raised in Ingersheim, near the city of Colmar located in Alsace, France. As a child, he is bullied by older schoolmates as he arrives to pre-primary school. That pushes his mom to put him into judo while aged four. This is a big turn and the first introduction to martial arts for Valentin. He practices recreationally different martial arts, particularly judo and karate during his teenage’s years.

He hears of MMA for the first time while aged 17 years old, and discovers the UFC through television with the UFC 98 Evans vs. Machida event. He becomes a fan, and particularly of the fellow legends Fedor Emelianenko and Georges St-Pierre. His interest grows, nevertheless, the interdiction of MMA on the french soil limits the options. Finally, he decides to explore the ground game while aged twenty to complete his martial arts back ground, and begins his brazilian jiu jitsu training in Strasbourg while studying sports science at University. Year after year, mixed up between University and training, Valentin hesitates between an academical career, or following his growing passion for martial arts.

Finally, he stops University after getting his Masters degree in Sports Science, investing all his energy and all his time to become a better martial artist. One year later, he wins two national titles (in purple belt), but still feels limited by his training conditions to reach his full potential. Having experienced living abroad during his masters researches in Australia and wanting to make a living out of his passion, he takes the bet and moves to Iceland in September 2016 to join Mjölnir MMA. He starts teaching regular classes at the academy. Beginning of 2017, he becomes head coach of the new crossfit (called Vikingatrek) competition team for one season. However, his mind is obsessed with martial arts. By consequence, in February 2018, he takes the opportunity of becoming head coach of the jiu jitsu competition team. He also takes part in many MMA events to coach MMA fighters, with notably the IMMAF Worlds 2018 MMA Amateurs Championships held in Bahrain.

Since then, Valentin wins a third place at the ADCC European Qualifiers in 2019. Wins the nationals nogi championships 4 times. Competes on the main card of Polaris 19 against Eoghan O'Flanaghan, and the main event of the 1st Unbroken Championship defeating Marcin Held.

As concerns the teaching, he opens his own academy "Brimir" in 2020 in Akranes. Valentin intervenes also with the Icelandic Viking's Special Force, and intervenes with self defense to the Department of Health of Akranes.

In 2021, he also becomes a peer-reviewed author thanks to the article that he co-wrote with the University of Brisbane.

His ultimate goal is simple: knowledge. « My mentality is like a Samurai: They used to work every day on their technique to make themselves almost perfect. Knowing that perfection is impossible, but a little closer every day. » Georges St-Pierre.

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